Summer 2021 Perfect for road trips!

Itinerary: Summer 2021

Summer 2021 is perfect for road trips! With the impact of COVID making normal travel for vacation dubious, load the family and a weekend bag in the car and hit the road to Hopewell/Prince George! Experience #Wanderlove with this adventure itinerary for all ages.

Friday Evening: Hopewell Riverwalk/The Boathouse City Point

So, it’s Friday night and you’ve just checked into the hotel. It’s been a long week and you just got off the road. You’re tired, but there’s a little light left and you want to do something not too strenuous with your Friday night. Head to Downtown Hopewell and visit the brand new Riverwalk. Located on the banks of the Lower Appomattox River, the Riverwalk is the perfect place to catch a sunset while the Ospreys dive for fish and Bald Eagles soak up the remaining rays of the sun. Fancy yourself an angler? Bring a pole and hook a catfish from the floating pier. After dusk (when the park closes), head down the street to The Boathouse City Point. Boasting the best riverview around, excellent food (try the locally caught oysters), and a great selection of wine and local craft brews, The Boathouse is the perfect place to relax and enjoy a great meal.

Many of our restaurants and drink establishments are open for takeout, pickup, and delivery.

Saturday Morning/Afternoon: The Capitol Trail

Refreshed from a solid night’s sleep you’re ready for adventure! Hop in the car and head across the James River to the Capitol Trail. Located in nearby Charles City County, The Capitol Trail runs from Richmond to Williamsburg. A favorite among cyclists, there are plenty of places to rent bikes. Simply bike the trail at your own pace, enjoy an audio history tour, or book a guided ride with a picnic. You can find more information on tours and rentals here. Depending on which route you choose, check out Cul’s Courthouse Grill or Indian Fields Tavern for lunch.

Saturday Afternoon/Evening: Gone Fishin’!

Being located on the Appomattox and James Rivers, we have tons of waterfront access and great fishing opportunities. Grab your pole and head to the fishing pier at Appomattox River Regional Park, Weston Manor, the Hopewell Marina, Old City Point Waterfront Park, or Jordan Point Yacht Haven. Don’t have a pole? Grab one from Fish tales II or James River Tackle Company. There are also a host of fishing guides that will motor you to the best spots. All the fishing areas close at dusk. After you’ve worked those arms out reeling in the big one, head over to Roja Taco Joint for authentic Mexican street tacos, beer, and tequila. With a quirky ambiance and bespoke decor housed in a vintage 1940s diner, Roja is truly a unique experience the adventurous foodie will enjoy.

Sunday Morning/Afternoon: To the trees!

Got one more adventure left in you? We’ve got the perfect option. Head to the shade of the trees and unleash your inner monkey at Tree Time Adventures. Tree Time Adventures is the ultimate high ropes and zipline park. There are multiple courses ranging in difficulty and several ziplines, one of which you can do stand-alone. Too burnt out from Saturday’s fun? No worries! Walk the nature trail below the course and cheer family and friends on as they navigate the treetops. Suitable for all ages. After sweating it out in the woods, you’ve probably worked up an appetite. Luckily, Luca Italian is almost right across the street from the entrance to Tree Time Adventures.


What a weekend! Thanks for visiting us here in Hopewell and Prince George County and sharing your #Wanderlove with us. We hope you enjoyed your time here and come back, y’all!

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