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      Love sign at the Hopewell, Prince George County Visitor's Center, Virginia
    • Appomattox-Manor-2-2-w530.jpg
      Grant's Cabin at Appomattox Manor, Hopewell, Virginia
    • kayaking.jpg
      Kayaking on the Appomattox River
    • frank-fishing-w-fish-2.jpg
      Fishing on the James River, Hopewell, Virginia
    • Appomattox-River-Regional-Park-4-w530.jpg
      Running at Appomattox River Regional Park, Hopewell, Virginia
    • frank-fishing-boat.jpg
      James River Boating
    • Yoga-at-City-Park_07-18-18_78-w530.jpg
      Yoga at City Park, Hopewell
    • Boathouse_06-04-18_0124-w530.jpg
      Drinks at The Boathouse, Hopewell, Virginia
    • IMG_7326-w530.jpg
      Outbuildings at Appomattox Manor
    • Weston-Picnic_06-15-18_0409-w530.jpg
      Picnic at the dock at Weston Manor
    • Grant's-Cabin-4-w1920.jpg
      Grant's Cabin at Appomattox Manor at City Point
    • Harrison-Lake-33-w1920.jpg
      Kayaking on the Appomattox River
    • Shilpa-City-Point-71-w1920.jpg
      Appomattox Manor at City Point
    • Harrison-Lake-38-w1920.jpg
      Cattails in the Wetlands
    • IMG_7266-w1920.jpg
      Appomattox Manor at City Point
    • Jake-Motorcycle-City-Point_06-29-18_7-w1920.jpg
      Motorcycle at City Point, Hopewell
    • Yoga-at-City-Park_07-18-18_10-w1920.jpg
      Yoga at City Park, Hopewell
    • old-dominion-barn-dance-72-w1920.jpg
      James Rodriguez at the Beacon Theater, Hopewell
    • Shilpa-City-Point-85-w1920.jpg
      City Point, Hopewell
    • Appomattox-River-Regional-Park-2-2-w1920.jpg
      Appomattox River Regional Park
    • IMG_8355-w1920.jpg
      Weston Manor, Hopewell, Virginia
    • Shilpa-City-Point-104-w1920.jpg
      City Point, Hopewell, Virginia
  • Welcome to the Hopewell and Prince George Tourism Office, Visitor Center, and Chamber of Commerce!

    With 35 miles of riverfront, the City of Hopewell and Prince George County are great places to kick back and enjoy nature, outdoor water sports and all types of activities. Our area offers much more than natural beauty, we are culturally rich, have a large Czech population, and are a historic center located at the crossroads of Virginia’s history on the eastern bank of two rivers.

    As the official hospitality and visitor center for tourists, business travelers, new residents, military families, and locals, we can help you plan your time in the best PART of Virginia. Get the most out of your stay by making our Tourism Office at the Visitor Center your first stop. The Visitor Center is open every day.

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