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A Comprehensive Guide to River Access Points

Prepare for an aquatic adventure with a focus on river access points for boat enthusiasts. Whether you bring your own boat or plan to rent one, HPG Waterfront has you covered. Discover boat launch locations, a self-service kayak vending machine, and hidden gems for fishing and birding.

Jordan Point Marina: Situated in charming Prince George County along the historic James River, Jordan Point Marina is a premier full-service marina spanning 5 acres. Offering pontoon and kayak rentals, it boasts the only public access boat ramp in Prince George County. The ramp is accessible 24/7, with coded bathrooms and showers for added convenience. In 2022, a saltwater swimming pool was introduced, enhancing the overall experience. With waterfront picnic areas and flexible leasing arrangements, Jordan Point Marina ensures a relaxing visit.

Jordan Point Marina

James River Wildlife Refuge: Embark on an exciting journey at James River National Wildlife Refuge, featuring a kayak/canoe launch along the scenic Powell Creek Nature Trail. The trail winds through picturesque hills, offering a unique perspective to explore the creek’s waters. Encounter diverse wildlife along the trail, and don’t miss the captivating views from the island’s small platform. Special permits for the launch are easily obtained, making it a must-visit for nature enthusiasts.

Appomattox River Regional Park: Part of the Lower Appomattox River Trail System, Appomattox River Regional Park sprawls across 65 acres of pristine woodlands along the Appomattox River. With hiking trails, a fishing pier, birdwatching spots, and a self-service kayak rental introduced in 2023, it caters to diverse interests. The Rent.Fun mobile app streamlines kayak rentals, offering a six-month seasonal membership for an immersive water experience.

Taylor Kayak
Hopewell City Marina

Hopewell City Marina: Nestled on the Appomattox River, the Hopewell City Marina offers exceptional fishing and recreational boating opportunities. Managed by Fish Tales II, it features a four-lane boat ramp, floating docks, a convenience store, pump-out station, and kayak launch. The marina is the city’s primary river access point, hosting various events and providing 24/7, 365-day accessibility for the boat ramp. Monthly slip rentals with electric meter connections and water supplies cater to diverse boat sizes.

Appomattox Boat Harbor: Nestled along the lower Appomattox River, Appomattox Boat Harbor is a haven for boating enthusiasts. Boasting the area’s longest dual launch ramp, it provides 24/7 access to prime fishing and pleasure boating locations. The Harborside Clubhouse hosts various events, creating a dynamic atmosphere. With overnight accommodations, floating docks, and kayak/canoe options, it offers a unique waterfront experience. Explore the rich biodiversity through guided eco-tours or rent kayaks and canoes for a personalized aquatic adventure.