Embark on a historic journey through Hopewell with our immersive walking tour. Trace the footsteps of Captain Christopher Newport in 1607, uncovering City Point’s pivotal role in Virginia’s history. From its 17th-century roots as Bermuda City to becoming a vital hub for trade and Union military operations during the Civil War, City Point’s significance is undeniable. Walk the paths where President Lincoln witnessed the Union war effort and explore the enduring architecture that echoes centuries of American history. Crafted by the Virginia Department of Historic Research, this tour, written by Sean Moseley and overseen by Jolene Smith and Blake McDonald, promises a captivating experience. Explore it on the DHR Website.


  • City Point House

  • Appomattox Manor

  • Temple House

  • Miami Lodge

  • St John’s Episcopal Church

  • Dr. Peter Eppes’ House

  • St. Dennis Chapel / City Point History Museum

City Point Historic District Walking Tour

Embark on a captivating journey through City Point’s history with DHR’s City Point Walking Tour. Begin at the colonial-era Appomattox Manor, dating back to 1763. Witness the evolution from plantation to Civil War hub. Explore architectural gems like the Porter House, Temple House, Bonaccord House, and more, each showcasing unique styles from the late 1700s to the 20th century. Stroll through the Old City Point Waterfront Park, a key Civil War command center, and learn about General Grant’s headquarters. Uncover the wartime tales of St. Dennis Chapel and St. John’s Episcopal Church, reflecting Gothic and Dutch Colonial Revival architecture. Discover how DuPont’s impact shaped Villages “A” and “B” in the early 1900s. Immerse yourself in history, from colonial plantations to World War II-era neighborhoods, as you explore City Point’s diverse and rich tapestry.

City Point Historic District Walking Tour

Content and Research:
Sean Moseley, Graduate Intern, VCU Department of History
DHR Staff:
Jolene Smith, Blake McDonald