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Ever since the end of the Civil War, on January 24th at 7:20 in the evening, there is a ghostly visit of cavalrymen who come up to the front of Centre Hill and leave their horses. They come in the front door, climb the steps to the general’s office, bang around for about 20 minutes and then leave at 7:40.

So please come join us this year and see if you see or hear them. There will also be a ghost-hunting group there with recordings of previous years to listen to as well.

Plus parts of the house will be open that are only open for this one night.

And who knows…Perhaps the Lady in White will show herself or the entity in the library will make an appearance.

Just $15 a person. Tours are every 20 minutes between 6 and 8:40 pm.

This tour involves climbing multiple flights of steps.

Limited parking behind the museum, additional parking on Franklin St.

Tickets also available at Blandford Church Reception Center, 111 Rochelle Ln. Petersburg, Va

Blandford Reception Center open Thursday – Saturday 10:00 to 3:00 Sunday 1:00 to 3:00