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Prince George County hosts the Dixie Youth Softball World Series 2021 takes place from July 23rd – 27th at the J.E.J Moore Athletic Complex Prince George County, Virginia.


  1. DARLINGS  (7-8 years old)
  2. ANGELS X-play (9-10 years old)

For schedules and more information, go HERE. For the tournament Livestream, go HERE.

Where to EAT?

What to DO?

Teams will arrive from all over the South, including:

  • Montgomery, Alabama
  • Franklin County, Florida
  • Paxton, Florida
  • Jones County, Georgia
  • Pontotoc, Mississippi
  • Collinwood, Tennessee
  • Charlotte County, Virginia
  • Nottoway, Virginia
  • Columbus, North Carolina
  • Hartsville, South Carolina
  • Fairview, Tennessee
  • Sabine Parish, LA
  • West Chatham, NC
  • Lancaster, SC